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Qipan, a SGF Reader

4.2 ( 9552 ratings )
Spiele Brettspiele Puzzle
1.99 USD

A go board is called a qipan (棋盤) in Chinese. Qipan plays back Smart Game Format (SGF) files in your iPhone or iPad. It is great for learning from pro games on the go.


- Support multi-language (CJK/English/Unicode) file decoding
- Access SGF files via Dropbox (inside Apps/Qipan folder)
- Access SGF files via iTunes Files Sharing
- Support both iPhone and iPad
- Support both portrait and landscape modes

Please feel free to send enquiries to:

棋盤 (Qipan) 方便在 iPhone 和 iPad 上打譜,支援 SGF 格式,可以隨時隨地享受國手的名局細解。


- 支援 中/日/韓/En/Unicode 編碼的 SGF 檔案
- 透過 Dropbox 傳輸檔案 (在 Apps/Qipan/ 內)
- 透過 iTunes Files Sharing 傳輸檔案
- 支持 iPhone 和 iPad
- 支持橫屏和直屏